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Life of a person shine and glitter only because of education. It is the cause by happy life. Education lead as life fulfil economically, socials and scientifically to the nation and in broad sense to the mankind. Education makes us creative, multiforme personality of the society. Since long time commercial school has been an indispensable part of the society. School and society have/had a symbiotic relation to one another society fulfils the need of society and in return school fulfils the need of the society. Unfortunately, bondage of this symbiotic relation of school and society has weakened in the recent time. In Bihar where people came to get education from varied places inland and abroad in University like Nalanda tells us about what education really meant to us. It is an established fact that the parameter of development is only education that we give to people of our society. We cannot imagine our existence without education. Education helps us in making of a complete man. When we see challenges before us, we may full weakness within ourselves for a time belong but there at the same time we final. That there is a feeling of unrest within us in do something. This feeling of unrest souls be there in every person of the society. This feeling of unrest to do something good to the society comes through education. For this cause of education Progressive Central High School, Patsa located in the backward rural area of Mithilanchal is trying its level best to give proper education to the very talented youth of this rural area since a long time. It has helped them to achieve the highest aim and aspirations that they dream for. Progressive Central High School, Patsa located in Hasanpur, Samastipur is working according to its name for progress of this area. All the teacher (Torch bearer) other staff and vision clear efficient, energetic managing body is continuously working to bring all the necessary change in the fastly changing sinario of teaching, learning method and pedagogue; trying its best to develop scientific thinking and approach in the children. As a result of this children passed out from our prestigious institution has proved themselves at different stage of their life. They are there shining like a star at every professional level may it be the field science and technology, art and culture, games and sport, management or leadership. For achieving all mentioned above, we are thankful to our teacher, staff and people of the society that we belong to teachers working here are highly educated, efficient, energetic and last but not least highly devoted to their profession. School is well equipped with educational tools like very rich library, well equipped science labs of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Music. Well equipped Computer lab is another asset of the school a like of all the student and need of the day to day. We are the people that believe both in scholastic and co-scholastic activities to make a complete man. We are the people to believe that discipline is impressionistic therefore we work along with children in the process of learning. Our school is a co-education institution that give equal importance to the education of Boys and Girls. We are all working here unbiased without any discrimination of cast, creed and religion. Hopeful to become more needful to the society that we belong to. .

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